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In 1992, bi-lingual Founder, Brady Rodgers, began his first journey into Mexico - attending the University of the Americas. It was there he first discovered his passion for Mexico. Deep study and practice of the Spanish language, Mexican economics, politics and history, and international negotiations​ were major foundations in developing skills which would later prove so useful in his business endeavors.

Since that time he has led numerous, successful business endeavors within diverse sectors: New Business Development (MX & US), Channels of Distribution Development (MX & US), Import & Export (MX & US), Export Management (MX & US), Real Estate and Machinery Fleet Asset Management (MX & US), Livestock and Equipment Auctions, Agra-Business & Food Production, Leadership Training & Development (MX & US), Sales Training and Development (MX & US), and Management Consulting (MX & US).

Allow his experience, integrity and passion lead your company into its next season of growth.

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